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ISSN 0137-0936 (Print)
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Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14. Psychology, 2015, 1, 144 p.

Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14. Psychology, 2015, 1, 144 p.

Theoretical and experimental studies

Gordeeva O.V.(2015). Consideration of mechanisms of transition from the ordinary to the altered state of consciousness from the point of view of A.N. Leontiev’s theory about the structure of consciousness (research of phenomena of analytical introspection) . Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,4-19

In this paper results of empirical researches (this results were received in experiment and professional supervision “Diagnostics of the altered states of consciousness”) in which analytic introspection was used as method to induce the states of consciousness, transitive to altered are considered. Opportunities of the Leontiev’s theory of the structure of consciousness to explane a phenomenology of the altered states of consciousness are examined. We offer explanations of such phenomena as a loss of tridimentionality and constancy of perception (the sizes, forms, position in space, colors and brightness), mistakes in recognition of objects and its’ properties (in particular, pareydolia), a derealization, a detailed elaboration has been explaned. Results of experiments with analytic introspection allow elaborating of A.N. Leontiev’s ideas about functions of a sensual fabric of an image.

Received: 09/06/2014

Pages: 4-19

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.04

Keywords: analytic introspection; A.N. Leontiev’s psychological theory of activity; individual values; a sensual fabric of an image; personal meanings; constancy of perception;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Gusev A.N., Mikhaylova O.A., Kremlev А.E.(2015).Attention and memory as determinants of change blindness . Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,20-41

The article presents the results of experimental study that found the effects of attention and working memory on the change blindness phenomenon manifestation. In “flicker” paradigm 93 participants solved the task of change detection in two consistently presenting images. The participants was divided into several groups by the magnitudes of concentration and allocation of attention, estimated using Bourdon’s correction test, as well as on the accuracy and time of identification of the target stimulus in the DMS working memory test. Found a positive influence of the concentration and allocation of attention on the search changes duration. The effects of working memory indexes were different: improving the accuracy of identification of the target stimulus was associated with an increase in the search time but in contrast the speed of identification positive effects on the search changes duration. The results allow to suppose that the specific role of attention and memory resources in the change blindness.

Received: 11/20/2014

Pages: 20-41

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.20

Keywords: spatial attention; change blindness; attention concentration; allocation of attention; working memory;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015


Mitina O.V., Sorokina V.V. (2015).High school students’ values: The development of the PC-based diagnostic method. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,42-59

The PC-based Questionary for S. Schwatz Method of Value Preferences was developed. Access to the system is carried out through Internet. The pilot monitoring was conducted using the sample of 711 seniors of the state public schools in Moscow in the age 16-18 years old. The psychometric validity and reliability of the Schwatz Method of the Value Preferences has been proved trustworthy. We have got the set of similarities and differences of the results got on the similar samples comparing our PC-based modification and traditional pencil-paper method. The PC system with distant internet access in its present development can be used for the scientific and applied research as well as for current monitoring of the public educational institutions.

Received: 11/29/2014

Pages: 42-59

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.42

Keywords: value orientations (VO); PC-diagnostics; monitoring; internet-access; high school students age 16-18; psychometrics;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Teaching of psychology

Bityutskaya E.V.(2015).The development of psychological culture in practical classes on the course “Diagnostics of coping with difficult situations”. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,60-77

In the article author analyzes the development of psychological culture as an important task of the professionalization of high school psychologists. The following conditions of the psychological culture development are highlighted: professional situations modeling; usage of interactive methods; student-centered approach to learning; organization of environment, which enables communication and collaboration of students, reflection and creativity. The content of the course “Diagnostics of coping with difficult situations” designed by the author is presented. Goals and forms of knowledge control are determined, the content is presented. Practical classes techniques are described in detail: a) methods of interactive work for the assimilation of the theoretical material; b) reacting when there are difficulties in understanding of the educational information; c) the organization of joint activities and communication of students; d) polylogue when analyzing the results used in the workshop techniques; е) ways to increase reflection. The effects of the used methods are discussed. The results of the course based on feedback from students, the dynamics of the perception of a difficult situation are analyzed. The results of the course are related to the criteria of psychological culture

Received: 11/10/2014

Pages: 60-77

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.60

Keywords: psychological culture; reflection; flow experience; experience; diagnostics; coping with difficult situations; practical classes; techniques;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Bazarov T.Yu., Pronin R.O., Tursunova Yu.T.(2015).Course “Basics of communication” at the Faculty of Psychology of the branch of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Tashkent: development and holding experience. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,78-93

In this paper authors describe offered course “Basics of communication”: its educational purposes and basic principles are listed, the content of five sections are described, and the forms of control knowledge are indicated. It is analyzed three years’ experience of conducting this discipline at Faculty of Psychology of Tashkent branch of MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov. It is concluded the positive role of the designed course in the professional development of studentspsychologists. It is given a list of promising directions of further improvement course in order to improve its effectiveness in addressing the identified problems of communication and communicative competence at the initial stage of professional socialization of psychologists.

Received: 08/07/2014

Pages: 78-93

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.78

Keywords: interaction; communicative competence; psychology students; socio-psychological adaptation; program of the course “Basics of communication”; training; feedback;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Review, analytical studies

Bogacheva N.V.(2015).Computer games and cognitive specifics of gamers (the end).Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,94-103

The aim of the article is to give a brief overview of cognitive studies in computer games psychology. The researches of psychological specifics of computer gamers have become very important recently due to a great popularity of computer games among children, teenagers and adults all over the world. Numerous studies are made that show significant differences between cognitive characteristics of computer gamers and non-gamers. There are possible negative consequences (such as long-term memory decline) as well as positive ones. Computers games are shown to enhance attention, spatial cognition and cognitive control of computer gamers and participants of specially organized computer games sessions. Cognitive function can possibly be trained in computer games. Computer games experience affects processes of thinking, decision making as well as multitasking and task-switching capability. Studies of connection between cognitive styles and computer games are also reviewed.

Received: 02/05/2014

Pages: 94-103

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.94

Keywords: spatial thinking; cyberpsychology; cognitive psychology; computer games; gamers; attention; memory; cognitive control; multitasking;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Psychology to practice

Schneider N.V., Kontobоytseva M.G., Schneider A.V.,Safronova I.G.(2015). Intervention programs of persistence development for low-educated cadets of higher educational institutions of emergency ministry of Russia.Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,104-114

This paper provides a definition of persistence with systematic approach. It is represented intervention program for the persistence development for the low-educated cadets of the educational institutions of the Emergency Ministry of Russia. It is held a controlling measure of the persistence level in group of low-educated cadets on the modified measurement of persistence test and it is found that 10 structural parameters of persistence from 16 significantly have changed: after intervention studies the regulatory and dynamic and regulatory components increased all “inharmonic” variables and “harmonic” variable such as energy. In terms of content and stylistic aspects of productive and reflectiveevaluative components it is increased the “harmonic” (substantive scope, operational difficulties) and “inharmonic” (awareness, emotional difficulties) characteristics, and it is decreased the importance of egocentricity. This is due to increased difficulties in the implementation of persistent behaviors associated with the fact that cadets have understood more widely these characteristics and set it to subject realization.

Received: 10/22/2014

Pages: 104-114

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.104

Keywords: persistence; persistence components; systematic approach; loweducated cadets; intervention program;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Short reports

Fedorova S.M., Rossokhin A.V.(2015). Psycholinguistic analysis of intrapsychic dynamics of personality changes in the course of psychoanalysis. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,115-123

The psychoanalytical theory of object relations along with the subsequent theory of structural changes served as basis for the following research. The intrapsychic field of personality’s object relations is formed in the process of internalization of significant objects, relationships and their corresponding affects. The following article is dedicated to empirical testing of the main assumptions underlying the psychoanalytic theory of structural change. The objective of this research was to evaluate in a structured way the dynamics of reorganization of object relations and intrapsychic structures of the personality of the subject undergoing psychoanalysis. The evaluation was based on the method of psycholinguistic analysis. The results of the psycholinguistic analysis of the dynamics of intrapsychic changes confirmed main hypothesis: namely that in the process of psychoanalysis there is a reorganization of internal object relations; psychoanalytic work brings about intrapsychic transformations in personality, specifically, the indicator of the psychic structure Ego increases while at the same time the indicators of psychic structures Id and Super-Ego decrease.

Received: 09/11/2014

Pages: 115-123

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.115

Keywords: personality; psychoanalysis; psycholinguistic analysis; object relations; intrapsychic transformations; dreams;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Stratilat K.N., Semechkin N.I.(2015).The experience of experimental study of social loafing in Russian men and women. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,124-132

The article describes the procedure and results of empirical study of gender differences in social loafing among Russian men and women. The sample included 27 Russian employees of three Vladivostok companies (12 men and 15 women). During the course of the experiment the examinees performed two mechanical tasks; each of them had to be done both in groups and individually. The experimenters intended to verify two hypotheses: 1) social loafing must necessarily emerge within a sample of Russian people; 2) there are gender differences in social loafing. The results of the experiment confirmed the first hypothesis. The second hypothesis was confirmed only partially as differences among men and women were revealed only when the examinees were performing the first task.

Received: 08/14/2014

Pages: 124-132

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.124

Keywords: social loafing; experiment; gender differences;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015


The staff of the faculty of psychology(2015).In the memory of Alexandr Konstantinovich Erofeev. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,133-134

In the memory of Alexandr Konstantinovich Erofeev.

Pages: 133-134

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.133

Keywords: necrology;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

The staff of the faculty of psychology(2015).In the memory of Alexey Alexandrovich Bodalev. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,135-137

In the memory of Alexey Alexandrovich Bodalev.

Pages: 135-137

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.135

Keywords: necrology;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015

Noskova O.G.(2015).Alexey Alexandrovich Bodalev — about the siege of Leningrad, about his youth and professional choice . Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,138-144

Alexey Alexandrovich Bodalev — about the siege of Leningrad, about his youth and professional choice.

Pages: 138-144

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.138

Keywords: Alexey Alexandrovich Bodalev;

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Available Online: 31.03.2015