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Stratilat K.N., Semechkin N.I.(2015).The experience of experimental study of social loafing in Russian men and women. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14.Psychology,1,124-132

The article describes the procedure and results of empirical study of gender differences in social loafing among Russian men and women. The sample included 27 Russian employees of three Vladivostok companies (12 men and 15 women). During the course of the experiment the examinees performed two mechanical tasks; each of them had to be done both in groups and individually. The experimenters intended to verify two hypotheses: 1) social loafing must necessarily emerge within a sample of Russian people; 2) there are gender differences in social loafing. The results of the experiment confirmed the first hypothesis. The second hypothesis was confirmed only partially as differences among men and women were revealed only when the examinees were performing the first task.

Received: 08/14/2014

Pages: 124-132

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.124

Keywords: social loafing; experiment; gender differences;

By: Stratilat, Karina N.; Semechkin, Nikolai I.;

Available Online: 03/31/2015

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