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value orientations (VO)


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Mitina O.V., Sorokina V.V. (2015).High school students’ values: The development of the PC-based diagnostic method. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14.Psychology,1,42-59

The PC-based Questionary for S. Schwatz Method of Value Preferences was developed. Access to the system is carried out through Internet. The pilot monitoring was conducted using the sample of 711 seniors of the state public schools in Moscow in the age 16-18 years old. The psychometric validity and reliability of the Schwatz Method of the Value Preferences has been proved trustworthy. We have got the set of similarities and differences of the results got on the similar samples comparing our PC-based modification and traditional pencil-paper method. The PC system with distant internet access in its present development can be used for the scientific and applied research as well as for current monitoring of the public educational institutions.

Received: 11/29/2014

Pages: 42-59

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.42

Keywords: value orientations (VO); PC-diagnostics; monitoring; internet-access; high school students age 16-18; psychometrics;

By: Mitina O.V.; Sorokina, Veronika V.;

Available Online: 03/31/2015

Melnikova O.T., Erokhin D.O. (2012). Qualitative methodology as a tool of value orientations research. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14.Psychology, 1, 19-28

<p>The article covers the subject of qualitative methodology’s potential as a means of value orientations investigation and study of sources of changes in respondents’ value system. The strategy of step by step combination of questionnaire, metrical and graphic methods is presented. The empirical research of the role of information environment in genesis and transformation of value orientations system of the youth audience representatives is described. </p>

Pages: 19-28

Keywords: value orientations (VO); qualitative methods; axiobiographical method; informational environment; socialization; youth audience;

By: Melnikova O.T.;

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