Lomonosov Psychology Journal
ISSN 0137-0936 (Print)
ISSN 2309-9852 (Online)
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ISSN 0137-0936 (Print)
ISSN 2309-9852 (Online)

Journal distribution and access

The printed (paper) version of the journal is distributed by subscription. Subscription index: “Russian Press” - 40570.

There is no subscription to the electronic version of the journal. All materials are available for download online in pdf format when the issue is published.

In addition, the full texts of the issues of the current period can be found on the journal page in the electronic library at the website https://e-library.ru. Tables of contents and annotations of all articles of the current period are published at the journal’s website. The copies can be found on the journal’s page in the electronic library https://e-library.ru.

There is no fee for the journal's authors. There are no shortened terms for publishing articles. All rights remain with the Authors.

Scope of the journal

  • fundamental and applied research in psychology (clinical, general, developmental, social, educational, psychophysiology and engineering psychology);
  • discussion of methodological problems in psychology and related sciences;
  • analysis of the current problems in society from the perspective of psychological science;
  • innovations in the field of higher education and university training of psychologists, including issues of professional standards;
  • discussions on the organization and prospects for the development of industrial psychological services.

The data storage policy is aimed at selecting, storing and providing access to the Journal’s archives and includes the following goals: compliance of archiving materials with the state archiving standards; registration and publication of articles in accordance with professional standards; ensuring wide access to archived material provided by publishing practice.