Lomonosov Psychology Journal
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ISSN 0137-0936
eISSN 2309-9852

About the Journal

Lomonosov Psychology Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that has been published since 1977. Materials on the results of theoretical, experimental, methodological, exploratory, applied and other research in the field of psychology are published. The journal adheres to high ethical and professional standards, applying all the principles of the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications (COPE). The principles include the absence of deliberately false information that may mislead readers or Authors, both on the official website of the journal and in published materials. The journal shares and adheres to the "Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing". For more information on the ethical performance in working with Authors and Reviewers, see the related section on our website.

Aims, Scope and Target Audience of the Journal

The purpose of the journal is to spread the information on the achievements of psychological science in the field of fundamental and applied research, as well as on the analysis of forms and methods of psychological work.

The target audience are, first of all, researchers and practicing psychologists, educational psychologists, and defectologists. The target audience of the journal also includes educators, representatives of expert communities, young scientists, postgraduate students, students, employees in the field of education and science. When preparing and selecting manuscripts for the journal, we focus on the current trends in research, as well as the current challenges of society and professional community.

The journal is included in the list of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Lomonosov Psychology Journal is included in the current List of peer-reviewed scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission, where the main scientific results should be published by specialists in the corresponding branches of science in which academic degrees are awarded:

Scientific specialties:

5.3.1. General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology (psychological sciences)

5.3.2. Psychophysiology (psychological sciences)

5.3.3. Occupational psychology, engineering psychology, cognitive ergonomics (psychological sciences)

5.3.4. Educational psychology, psychodiagnostics of digital educational environments (psychological sciences)

5.3.5. Social psychology, political and economic psychology (psychological sciences)

5.3.7. Developmental psychology (psychological sciences)

5.3.8. Correctional psychology and defectology (psychological sciences)

5.3.9. Legal psychology and security psychology (psychological sciences)

5.12.1. Interdisciplinary studies of cognitive processes (psychological sciences)