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altered states of consciousness


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Gordeeva O.V. (2012). The near-death experience: The comparison of modern western and old Indian Vedic descriptions (on material of Upanishads). The Moscow University Herald. Series 14. Psychology, 3, 121-137

<p>In frameworks cross-cultural research of near-death experience (NDE) comparison of modern western NDE to descriptions of this experience in the Upanishads was carried out (the Brihadaranyaka, Kaushitaki and Katha Upanishads became a material of our analysis). It was revealed, that at Upanishads’ descriptions of NDE alongside with cultural specificity there is the overwhelming majority of elements of the western NDE, thus similarity concerns not so much the concrete contents of elements on itself, but their role in realization of the universal script of travelling to the world of dead. </p>

Pages: 121-137

Keywords: near-death experience; cross-cultural researches; cultural-historical theory; altered states of consciousness;

By: Gordeeva O.V.;

Rossokhin A.V. (2012). Reflection of the altered states of consciousness in psychoanalysis (part 2). The Moscow University Herald. Series 14. Psychology, 2, 152-167

<p>Psychoanalysis presents unique empirical material for the research of the dynamics of personality reflection in altered states of consciousness and its impact on different aspects of vital activity of the personality. Transference and countertransference altered states of consciousness were in focus of interest of the first part of the article. It was shown that as altered states of consciousness become deeper during the psychoanalytical process the reflexive processes of a personality enhance, become more active and change qualitatively, which is expressed in particular in the formation of the active «reflexive I». Reflexive activity of the personality in countertransference and combined transference-countertransference altered states of consciousness was analyzed in this second part of the article. </p>

Pages: 152-167

Keywords: personality; reflection; psychoanalysis; altered states of consciousness; psychoanalytical process; transference; counter-transference; regression;

By: Rossokhin A.V.;

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