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emotional development


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Bardyshevskaya M.K. (2012). Problems of scientific study of children’s emotional and personality development in the model of levels. The Moscow University Psychology Bulletin, 2, 68-74

In the article the problems of development of the level model of emotional regulation which are based on the synthesis of different approaches are examined. The concept of “a level of development of affective-behavioral complex” is introduced. This concept allows scrutinizing development of emotions and personality in children mostly in the frames of human ethology. The problem of development of mechanisms of “re-enciphering” of experience of realization of affective-behavioral complexes into movable symbolic images connected with dynamics of attachment behavior and into the basic structures of personality is set up.

Pages: 68-74

Keywords: emotional development; affective-behavioral complex; the level of organization; attachment; basic structures of personality; typology of development;

By: Bardyshevskaya M.K.;

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