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Agadullina, Elena R.

Agadullina Е.R. / Агадуллина Е.Р.

Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University;

Psycid: 2012-a-0002

Ph.D in Psychology
Moscow, Russia


DOI Number:

Agadullina Ye.R.(2008). Social categorization: representations about the object and specific of the process. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,1,114-120

The article is devoted to the review of feacheres of a process of social categorization,its object and functions. The specific of use of this process in main theories of psychology of social cognition is under the consideration.

Received: 05/13/2007

Pages: 114-120

Agadullina Е.R., Kotova М.V. (2012). Interconnection between perceived entitativity and group activity. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin, 1, 97-105

The article discusses the perception of social groups, in particular, their entitativity. Different approaches to determining the entitativity of the social group are reviewed. A parallel between the perception of the entitativity of the group and assignation of different levels of activity to the group is declared. 

Pages: 97-105

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