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Burmenskaya Galina V.

Ph.D in Psychology
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia


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Burmenskaya G.V.(2009). Child’s attachment to mother as the basis of mental development typology.The Moscow University Psychology Bulletin, 4, 17-31

The article shows the role of the attachment system (child-mother interactions) in development of a wide spectrum of individual personality characteristics. Emo tional attachment of the child to mother is considered as a complicated system of internal regulation and a basis of typology of mental development. Results of a series of empirical studies show the connection between the type of attachment, formed at the early stages of child development, and characteristics of his/her au tonomy, self-concept, self-esteem and empathy in preschool and middle childhood.

Received: 12/14/2009

Pages: 17-31

Burmenskaya G.V. (2011). Worldviews of children with different types of attachment to mother. The Moscow University Psychology Bulletin, 2, 21-35

The role of attachment to mother (AM) in formation of children’s and adolescents’ attitude to world around and to themselves is analyzed in the article. AM is considered as a complex system of internal regulation and one of the bases of mental development typology. Results of a series of the researches are described, relating secure/insecure adolescents’ AM to their worldviews, in particular to their emotional attitude towards family, teachers, peers, friends, school, and also to the future, the country, people and the world as a whole. 

Pages: 21-35

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