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Anisimov, Nikolai V.

Ph.D in Physico-Mathematical Sciences
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia


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Vartanov A.V., Kozlovskiy S.A., Skvortsova V.B., Sozinova E.V., Pirogov Yu.A., Anisimov N.V., Kupriyanov D.A.(2009). Human memory and anatomic features of the hippocampus.The Moscow University Psychology Bulletin, 4, 3-16

We examined 26 women in age 69±4.5. Neuropsychological tests analyzed different aspects of memory: capacity, activation, executive control. MRI-volumetry of hippocampus was performed using voxel-based morphometry. Our findings corroborated the idea of lateral asymmetry of hippocampus: left hippocampus is mostly involved in verbal information processing and control: right hippocampus participates in activation processes supporting memory consolidation. Significant correlation was found between anterior left hippocampus, time perception and subjective duration. Posterior left hippocampus was significantly related to spatial perception and reconstruction. Body of left hippocampus as compared with its anterior and posterior parts was associated with activation processes necessary for information to be memorized properly.

Received: 12/23/2007

Pages: 3-16

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