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Allakhverdov, Viktor M.

Doctor in Psychology, professor
St.Petersburg, Russia.


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Allakhverdov V.M.(2008).The symphonic power of consciousness. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin,3,3-19

This article claims: the nature of consciousness is mysterious, the definitions are contradictory, and its theory is non=existent. The article presents the results of studies that cannot be explained within the recognized models. Specifically, we describe the phenomenon of negative choice. We introduce an idealized brain that does not have limitations in either volume, or speed of processing the information, nor does it have the limits of the storage capacity. Under this view, we answer the question: what does an ideal brain needs consciousness for? We propose that consciousness is the imitator of the acts of cognition.

Received: 07/04/2008

Pages: 3-19

Available Online: 09/30/2008

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