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Bityutskaya E.V.

Ph.D in Psychology
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia


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Bityutskaya E.V.(2015).The development of psychological culture in practical classes on the course “Diagnostics of coping with difficult situations”. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14.Psychology,1,60-77

    In the article author analyzes the development of psychological culture as an important task of the professionalization of high school psychologists. The following conditions of the psychological culture development are highlighted: professional situations modeling; usage of interactive methods; student-centered approach to learning; organization of environment, which enables communication and collaboration of students, reflection and creativity. The content of the course “Diagnostics of coping with difficult situations” designed by the author is presented. Goals and forms of knowledge control are determined, the content is presented. Practical classes techniques are described in detail: a) methods of interactive work for the assimilation of the theoretical material; b) reacting when there are difficulties in understanding of the educational information; c) the organization of joint activities and communication of students; d) polylogue when analyzing the results used in the workshop techniques; е) ways to increase reflection. The effects of the used methods are discussed. The results of the course based on feedback from students, the dynamics of the perception of a difficult situation are analyzed. The results of the course are related to the criteria of psychological culture

Received: 11/10/2014

Pages: 60-77

DOI: 10.11621/vsp.2015.01.60

Available Online: 03/31/2015

Bityutskaya E.V. (2013). Cognitive appraisal of the difficult life situation in A.N. Leontiev’s activity approach. The Moscow University Herald. Series 14. Psychology, 3, 40-56

In the most cited psychological theory of stress and coping by R. Lazarus the concept of “cognitive appraisal” includes evaluation of “threat”, “loss”, “challenge”, “control”, as well as the analysis of the possibilities of coping. The approach is based on separation of cognitive appraisal and emotion. The article presents a different point of view, the theoretical foundations of which are world image concept by A.N. Leontiev, the principle of unity of the cognitive and emotional components of the appraisal, and the categorization as the basis of evaluation. The processes of formation and the structure of the image of a difficult situation are described on the basis of the works by A.N. Leontiev and his followers. Perception creates a sensual image of the situation; cognition creates a meaning, which is linked with understanding of the situation. Reflection represents in one’s conscious a personal meaning, understood as the ratio between the motive and the goal. In the course of categorization the situation is classified as difficult on the basis of certain features (criteria). Based on the theoretical analysis and empirical data, the author shows that the results of evaluations are: a) the significance of the situation; b) matching the events with motives and personal meaning; c) the definition of success of the activities in relation to the goal; d) assessment of accountability, clarity, predictability of the situation, and its impact on the future life; e) the comparison of one’s capabilities with the conditions; f) level of the situation difficulty.

Pages: 40-56

Available Online: 06/30/2013

Bityutskaya E.V., Smetanova Yu.V.(2008).The first All-Russian summer psychological school. Moscow University Psychology Bulletin. Series 14.Psychology,4,107-113

The first All-Russian summer psychological school.

Pages: 107-113

Available Online: 12/31/2008

Bityutskaya E.V. (2011). Modern approaches to the research of coping with the difficult life situations. The Moscow University Herald. Series 14. Psychology, 1, 100-111

The issue provides the overview of modern approaches to the definition and research of coping with difficult life situations. The article highlights the problems of difference between the concepts of coping and defense mechanisms. Coping as personality dispositions and dynamic process is considered. The issue deals with the controversial issues of questionnaires’ use and other methods of coping strategies’ research. The article covers the prospects of complex approach to the study of coping. 

Pages: 100-111

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